Key Features

The unique design and special features of our proof load test weights

Our test weights have been designed to overcome the Health and Safety Issues caused by test weights that are difficult to handle, arrange and secure.

The Stacking weight system key features are:

  • The system comprises of interlocking 5Te and 1Te cast iron weights.
  • The recessed 5Te weights accept up to 4 off 1Te weights giving an assembly weight of 9Te – to maintain balance of the assembly the 1Te weights can be located in 3 positions inside the 5Te weights – either end or centrally
  • Each weight has integral lift points – the 5Te weight lift points combined are rated to 30Te. This allows a stack of 3 full 9Te assemblies to be lifted together.
  • The 1Te weights slot inside the 5Te weight and require no additional securing.
  • Each 1Te weight is positively secured to the 1Te weight beneath it by integrated tabs.
  • By way of integrated tabs in all corners the 5Te weights are designed to lock securely onto either a cradle or a lower weight (even when full of 1Te weights).
  • The weights can be configured to produce loads from 1te to 45te without the use of a cradle.
  • For larger loads we offer a beam without a cradle (up to 90te) or a cradle (up to 180te) – all can be supplied fully rigged as part of the hire package.

Find out more about our weights by reading our Testing with weights page.

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Ship Crane 27Te Proof Load Test Arrangement